Boost Your Signal in Seaford with Our Robust aerial Repairs

The condition of external aerials is often affected by the weather on the South Coast. As a Seaford-based company, we understand just what the wind is like and the damage it can do. At R S Aerials, we always follow the CAI code of practice when fitting aerials and only use the highest quality parts. For example, all brackets are hot-dipped galvanised, and every pole used is more than one-and-a-quarter inches in diameter. Careful consideration is always given to the bracket size, pole height, and aerial size and weight to ensure an efficient installation.

When carrying out an aerial installation, we exclusively use double-screen copper coaxial with a minimum inner-core size of 1mm. Your signal is only as good as the cable it is travelling through, so using these top-quality wires offers exceptional reception. Our team also excel in aerial repairs, and will happy fit or repair aerials for TVs, FM radios, and DAB radios.

Additional Installations

Birds nesting on roofs pose a variety of problems, especially if you have rooftop solar panels or satellites. Alongside aerials, our team also fit bird spikes and netting for ridges and flat roofs. This prevents birds from causing issues with your installations. When working around newer solar panels, we use special clips to hold mesh across the roof, while stainless-steel fixings are attached to panel frames for work involving older panels. As we specialise in rooftop work, we also offer gutter repairs, clearance, and replacement. Call us now for a quotation on any of these additional services.

Contact us now, in Seaford, East Sussex, for more details about our aerial installations or repairs.

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