Futureproof your property in Seaford with Satellite TV 

Increase your viewing options and access a multitude of TV channels from all over the world with our satellite installation service. At R S Aerials, in Seaford, East Sussex, we excel in Freesat and Sky installations. Our first satellite installation was in 1987, when a customer wanted Russian TV to be received by one channel from a 1.2m dish

Since then, the industry has come a very long way, and it is now possible to receive thousands of channels from all over the world. Broadcasters have also changed from analogue to digital, meaning more channels can be accessed from smaller dishes. Although dishes are now much smaller, we specialise in hiding them, which is especially helpful for clients in listed buildings or who have a property in a conservation area.


The most popular satellite in England is Sky, and although we are no longer agents for Sky, we can still repair their receivers and dishes when things go wrong. As an independent company, our response times are often quicker than Sky, and we also carry out non-standard satellite installations

The biggest problem with dishes on the coast is corrosion, and Sky dishes are unfortunately made for quantity and low costs, not quality! For a more long-term solution, we fit dishes of a higher quality that take much longer to corrode and offer stronger signals, combatting the effects of rain fade when signals are lost in bad weather. Any dish fitted on the coast will eventually corrode, but with our polyester-coated aluminium or fibreglass dishes and stainless-steel fittings, you won’t be left with a rust streak running down your wall.


Freesat was invented to cover the gaps in digital terrestrial transmissions for people who could not receive the full digital service. However, it also transmits other signals, covering more channels and further HD options. That is why many prefer Freesat to terrestrial Freeview. The team at R S Aerials fit standard HD Freesat receivers as well as Freesat receivers with hard drive recorders (HDRs). Both of these systems are capable of connecting to catch-up services wirelessly via your router. We also fit European receivers, with Italian, French, and German channels being the most popular

TV Distribution

Improving the signal and performance of satellites will give you a clearer picture that is rarely interrupted. To do this, we test and equalise signals and fit extra points around your home using amplifiers from Triax, Wosley, and Antiference. What’s more, we can also fit HD modulators to existing distribution systems as well as HD over cat6 to distribute your HD signals around the home, giving you control and quality from your HD source.

Contact us now, in Seaford, East Sussex, to receive more information about our satellite and Sky installations.

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